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Why Buy From Us?

Our fully trained sales staff can give you all the advice you will need on every aspect of the doors. Choosing the right material and opening configuration for your situation is vital to any successful installation.

A folding sliding door can accommodate all tastes, applications and building requirements. Over 100 opening styles and colours, including:

  • Inward opening
  • Outward opening
  • Folding to the left
  • Folding to the right
  • Folding both ways
  • Laminated timber
  • Thermally broken aluminium or
  • Thermally broken aluminium and timber clad

High quality materials and endless colours

Whether your choice is timber, thermally broken aluminium or thermally broken aluminium and timber there are hundreds of colours to choose from, meaning that you can match or compliment your property style.

Severely Tested

Besides the UK market, the company exports to mainland Europe, the USA, Canada and other countries. In America, the company is putting its product through very demanding hurricane tests to achieve Miami Dade Building Code Compliance. The most recent test resulted in the HD82 system (based on the 70mm aluminium system) achieving the highest ever pass rate for a UK folding sliding door of 5160 pascals, equal to a 204mph wind.

The company was prepared for October 2011 changes to the Building Regulations and offers a compliant product with independent test documentation about its thermal performance. The 70mm aluminium doors incorporates a 28mm thermal break, and more than complies with the new thermal regulation.

Easy, open access

There are threshold details to suit all applications. Some people prefer a step on the inside and outside, some prefer a step on the outside only. But for the many, they prefer a flush threshold that blends the inside floor with the outside floor. This is especially popular for people with children, the elderly or with those with accessability requirements.

Finger Safe Gaskets - Child Friendly

Seals on the door are an integral part to enable weather tightness. However, many systems on the market obtain their certification for weather tightness by making sacrifices, children's fingers. To obtain their test result they make the seals so small and tight that the compression leaves no room for those little fingers.

Our systems have still obtained the results, but with finger safe gaskets and seals.

CE Compliant

As the company supplies to Europe, all of the products supplied must be CE compliant. Some companies say they are, but they don't have the testing or the documentation to back it up.

Flush Tracks - Inline, Strong & Secure

We offer an inline out-of-site track system; this track system is strong and secure. The Folding Sliding Door Company uses stainless steel wheels. The wheels have sealed bearings for maintenance free use. They operate quietly, smoothly and contrary to what our competitors say, they do not wear the track.

We have doors that have been in our showroom for over 3 years and the doors still run as smoothly as the day they were installed. Bearing in mind that our showroom doors have been opened and closed approximately 20 times every day for over three years.

The system also includes a tongue and groove feature to:

  1. to prevent attack by an intruder
  2. prevent water infiltration
  3. keep the system stable with one panel interlocking with another

Four things to take into consideration when choosing a folding sliding door

  1. Security - You are about to create a large hole in the side of your home - only consider purchasing exterior doors of any type that are accredited with PAS 24 and have been severely tested in a UKAS testing station.
  2. Weather - During severe weather your door will be hit by wind, rain and may even have snow pile against it in the winter - only consider doors that have been tested to PAS 23. Always check the companies test report.
  3. Thermal Efficiency - Thermal rating of a window or door is measured in U-Values, the lower the U-Value the better the rating. Many companies will give you a U-Value of the glass. This value will always be lower than the actual value of the window or door. Ask for the independant simulation test certificate.
  4. Confidence - Only buy from a specialist company.

FSDC Global is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code