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Why Buy From Us?

FSDC Global know it can seem a challenge to make the right decision, so we hope to give you some valuable information to assist in buying the product(s) that is right for you.

Our approachable and knowledgeable consultants will gladly advise you on the options along the way, from choosing the right material, to which product or configuration may best suit your application, as well as any legal requirements.

We have listed some areas to take into consideration when choosing a door or window;


This should be the single most important factor of any product. Look to see if they are accredited with PAS 24 and have been tested in a UKAS testing station (or similar, depending on where you are), ask to see the test certificates.


During severe weather your door or window will be hit by wind, rain and snow - only consider products that have been tested to PAS 23 (UK), and check the companies test report(s).

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal rating of a door or window is measured in U-value, the lower the U-value the better the thermal efficiency is for both cold and warm. Many companies will give you a U-value of the glass only (as the value will always be lower than the actual product), ask for the U-value of the complete unit, and ask to see the test certificates.

Product choice

We offer a fantastic range of door and window options that will satisfy the most discerning customer. Doors are available as; bi-folding doors, corner bi-folding doors, sliding patio doors, multi or pocket sliding doors, corner sliding doors and room dividers (again available as folding, sliding & stacking movable walls) and windows available as casement and bar-top windows (bi-folding windows).


With each product being unique and offering its own set of parameters be sure to check out the styles available for your chosen product. With a folding sliding door there are over 100 opening styles including inward opening, outward opening, stacking to the left, stacking to the right, stacking both ways and corner opening options.

Material choice

Most products are available in a choice of materials, there is no right or wrong choice, just different qualities and properties that are reflected in the price, if you are not sure, chat with one of our consultants to help make the right informed decision.

As a general overview;

  • • Aluminium offers a modern look coupled with strength and durability
  • • Engineered hardwood timber offers a traditional or natural look and warmth of character
  • • Aluminium & Hardwood offer best of both worlds
  • • GlassIIEdge offers the latest technology with a slick architectural feel
  • • uPVC / Vinyl is great if matching existing and is particularly cost effective.

We currently offer doors and windows in Aluminium, Hardwood, Aluminium & Hardwood, GlassIIEdge & Aluminium, GlassIIEdge & Hardwood, GlassIIEdge and uPVC/Vinyl.

FSDC Global is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code