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Aluminium doors offering a modern look coupled with strength and durability

Aluminium Systems

Our 70mm 2¾" Aluminium systems are our most popular system with thousands of installations worldwide. It offers the modern look coupled with strength, durability and low maintenance. The thermally broken profile provides a efficient product that will help ensure your home stays the right temperature and keeps your heating and cooling bills low.

Additional to our standard systems we also offer Securty Certified, Hurricane Certified and non thermally seperated 45mm 1¾" systems.

There are six aluminium systems to choose from.

Ultimate performance in High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) conditions and other wind-borne areas with an outstanding Cat 5 hurricane testing/DP70 rating.
Florida Building Code Compliant. Achieved one of the highest ever pass rates for a folding sliding door, reaching 5160 pascals, equal to a 204mph wind.

ew68Q72 70mm 2¾" Security Aluminium

Security is one of our main concerns, that is why the security and integrity of our Q72 doors have been tested to destruction in testing laboratories.

ew68AA72 70mm 2¾" Thermal Aluminium

Modern, strong and extremely durable. Minimum maintenance is required to keep its looks. Thermally broken to keep the cold out and the cool in

ew68AA65 70mm 2¾" Thermal Aluminium

It offers a modern look coupled with strength and durability. Minimum maintenance is required to keep its looks, and is thermally broken to keep the cold out and the cool in

ew68AA55 53mm 2" Thermal Aluminium

Offers a modern look, coupled with strength and durability and requires minimum maintenance to keep its looks. The 53mm 2" profile is thermally broken for thermal efficiency.

ew68NT45 45mm 1¾" Non Thermal Aluminium

Slim sight lines and a smaller stacking space, ideal for internal and some external solutions
  • There are so many situations in which a bifold door can be a solution to improving your living space and the environment around you.
  • Break down those barriers by creating a wider opening and bring the outside, inside.
  • Internal or external corner configurations possible
  • Aluminium - ideal for larger openings and commercial properties

FSDC Global is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code