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The perfect match to existing PVCu/Vinyl windows. Available in white, woodgrain laminate (Golden Oak, Rosewood) OR dual option

PVCu / Vinyl

Matching your existing PVCu windows with our PVCu bi‑fold door is easy!

Developed by FSDC in 2003 this 70mm 2¾" system is constructed from aluminium reinforced PVCu profile. We use only the finest profiles available with attributes for strength and having fantastic thermal values.

The 70mm 2¾" PVCu frame is one of the most widely used materials in the window and door industry and with good reason. The thermal efficiency of PVCu  far surpasses many other materials meaning your home will stay the right temperature and keep your heating and cooling bills low.

All PV71 systems can be customized with a choice of colours, woodgrain finishes, hardware, thresholds, glazing options and can be manufactured in as little as five days using standard colours. 

A matching range of windows and doors are available.


pvcu bifold doors
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  • CE & CPD compliant
  • Finger safe and severe weather rated seals and gaskets
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • Dual running roller system, encapsulated in the track
  • Corner posts can be incorported to produce corner openings
  • Hidden Rollers and locking
  • Veka matrix profile
  • Hard wearing material & finish
  • Narrow sight lines
  • No face fixed hardware
  • Fully inline system
  • No condensation
  • Maintenance free, life expectancy of up to 25 years
  • End panels and pass doors are fitted with high security locking mechanisms
  • Intermediate panel joints are held closed by internal shoot-bolts top and bottom
  • Option of key locking shoot-bolts are available for added security and external access
  • Internally glazed for all systems (option to upgrade to laminated impact glass)
  • Finger safe gaskets are designed to be safe should fingers get trapped upon closing
  • Encapsulated running gear within the track, preventing it from being attacked
  • Tongue and groove (interlocking panels) design to prevent panels from being crow barred open
  • Document Q, Security - Dwellings PAS 24:2012.

Powder coating

All of our aluminium products are powder coated which exceeds the current industry standard. There are hundreds of RAL colours that you can choose from.Our powder coatings have a life expectancy of up to 25 years and are maintenance free.To choose your colour accurately and to get a more precise idea of what the colour looks like, it is advised that you obtain a printed RAL colour chart from your local decorators' merchant.

Translucent Wood Coatings & Custom colours

All of our wood products are factory sprayed as standard with the highest quality coatings on the market. Choose a natural stain to enhance your choice of woodgrain or choose any RAL paint reference to match an existing building project or existing windows and doors, or if you prefer left natural, the choice is yours.Our factory spray coatings are applied to the timber in three coats at 250 microns per coat, this is comparable with up to 15 coats of brush-applied paint.Our factory spray coatings are low maintenance and have a very long-life span, up to 10 years before requiring first maintenance.

Our standards are high

Double glazed, argon filled, Low-E coated toughened (tempered) glass, 1⅛" / 28mm constructed units fitted with Super Spacer® Bars
4mm toughened glass outside, 20mm cavity and 4mm toughened Low-E glass inside.
Low-E (K) coating on the inside, gives the glass better thermal properties and allows most natural light to enter freely but reflects a significant portion of short-wave heat energy. In summer, long-wave heat energy radiating from objects is reflected back outside, lowering cooling cost. In winter, internal longwave heat energy is reflected back inside, lowering heating costs.

Toughened glass is a safety glass, shatters into small pieces, is about 4 times stronger than standard glass, is resistance to thermal stress and impact resistance. Argon, has a 34% lower thermal conductivity than air.

  tempered (triple glazed or laminated)
Frame width: 2⅜" / 60mm
Frame thickness:  2¾" / 70mm
Maximum opening width: 30' / 9000mm
Maximum opening height:  9' / 2700mm
Panel height range (min/max): 1' / 305mm - 9' / 2700mm
Panel width range (min/max):  1' / 305mm - 7' / 2100mm
Material: PVCu / Vinyl
Standard colour: White PVCu VEKA Matrix profile
Optional colours: Golden Oak / White, Rosewood / White, Golden Oak / Golden Oak, Rosewood / Rosewood 
U Factor / U Value (W/m2k) complete unit:  0.21 - 0.31 / 1.24 - 1.77
Guarantee (Product):  up to 25 years
Guarantee (Manufacturers):  10 years
Aluminium thickness:  1/16" / 1.75mm
Glass units, standard (optional): 1⅛" /  28mm double glazed, low-E


General Arrangement Drawings






Bottom Track Options

We manufacture an inline out of sight track system, this track system is strong and secure, and all running gear is concealed (which ever option you choose) and is resistant to attack from potential intruders, we offer both inward and outward opening options. Our flush track option is also water resistant, many other systems do not offer these options.

There are threshold details to suit all applications, some people prefer a step on the inside and outside, some prefer a step on the outside only. But for the many, they prefer flush threshold that blends the inside floor with the outside floor, especially those with children, elderly or someone in a wheel chair.

  • Security hinges; no faced fixed hardware on any of our systems
  • PVCu bi-fold doors externally opening, stacking to the left (viewed internally)
  • Making the most of space available

FSDC Global is an ISO 9001 and (US) NAMI Quality Assured organisation with nationally recognised accreditations such as CE Compliancy and Document Q in the UK, and Florida Building Code